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TTG- Hartley Leadership



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Your DNA is unique. While there are certain common characteristics that you share with all humans, somehow billions of people on the planet, no one has the same set of fingerprints as you.

Your internal wiring, or personality, is just as unique as your physical characteristics. You weren’t just “hard-wired” with your personality, but rather God-Wired.

You don’t need to change who you are. God-Wired you the way you are. And let us tell you now, you have an amazing personality. This book is not about trying to get you to change anything about how you see the world.

However, using a model of human behavior that helps you to see and begin to understand how others approach life from their own unique perspectives will allow you to understand others better. It will also help you to learn how to communicate with others more effectively.

Using modern day examples, as well as examples directly drawn from how Jesus communicated differently with people so He could connect with them more effectively, you will begin to see how to adjust your communication style in order to connect with others at a higher level.

Be encouraged as you experience how you are uniquely and wonderfully made.

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